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  • hanging on ; OT12; PG13; 2.3k; In which Sehun wants everyone to be together forever.

  • i'm waking up, to ash and dust ; Hunhan; R; 3.1k; In which Sehun and Luhan are guardians and make magic.

  • halcyon ; Hunhan; PG13; 2.2k; In which Sehun sees Luhan every Friday at 3:00.

  • radioactive ; Hunhan; PG13; 1.7k; implied self-harm; In which Sehun is afraid to smile.

  • breathe your smoke into my lungs ; Kaisoo; R; 4.9k; Jongin is stuck in his own darkness and Kyungsoo tries to get him out.

  • i've seen the world, lit it up ; Luhan/Fairy!Sehun + minor Sulay; R; 9.9k; Implied abuse; In which Luhan finds the help he needs deep in the forest.

  • i'm seeing stars (watch me fall apart); Hunhan; PG; 2k; Sehun has to keep smiling no matter how many times Luhan denies his actions.

  • rain is falling ; Kaisoo; PG; 800; Jongin admires the silhouette of Kyungsoo and the way the rain sounds around him.

  • Atonement ; Kaisoo; R; 25k; Little Mermaid!AU; Kyungsoo longs for the surface world. When he finally arrives, he falls in love with a handsome prince.

  • Winterfell ; Hunhan; R; 4.1k; Sehun's stuck in his own sad ending.

  • 27 ; Hunhan; R; 4.7k; Luhan spends 11 years in love with Sehun.

  • 널 감싸 안으면 (Everything's alright) ; Hunhan; R; 5.5k; In which Oh Sehun is an author of sorts and Luhan happens to be his secret muse.

  • Grade 8 ; Sekai; NC17; 1.3k; Jongin waits in the empty classroom on the fourth floor every Tuesday during lunch.

  • Language of Living ; Kaisoo; NC17; 8.9k; Kyungsoo lives on the edge. He lives on the edge between life and death. The edge made by a boy named Jongin.

  • Let me put on, a show for you, daddy. ; Hunhan; NC-17; 2.4k; In which Luhan's toes dance around a marble floor and hands run down the pillar in the room as his red robe slips off his shoulder.

  • 第一步 ; Hunhan; NC17; 1.3k; Luhan finds a outfit that includes heels, red lipstick, too much navy blue and a hat that's too big for his head.

  • 춥다 ; Hunhan; PG; 450

  • There's no remedy for memory (your face is like a melody) ; Kaisoo | side baekyeol | tiny slice of hunhan; R; 7.3k; Kyungsoo has a room full of pictures and a drawer full of letters but an empty heart.

  • Pretty face (pink lace) ; Hunhan; NC17; 1.7k; Luhan takes two naps; one because of food and the other because of his daddy.

  • Harebell ; Hunhan; R; 19k; In which Sehun and Zitao work in a flower shop and are offered the job of providing flowers for the royal wedding when Sehun meets the young prince Luhan who secludes himself away from the world.

  • Breathe me in (to breathe me out) ; Hunhan; NC17; 3k; Vampire!Sehun | mild blood play; Sehun knows that even in the most silent and dark of places, Luhan will be his light and sound.

  • I've got a burning desire for you, baby; Hunhan; NC17; 3.7k; Luhan likes to play games and Sehun likes to play them right back.

  • Wetter ; Hunhan; NC17; 1.9k; Luhan dances to Wetter for his hormonal boyfriend

  • Destati ; Hunhan | Seho; R-NC17; 27k; In which Sehun is cursed with breaking everything he touches. When he falls in love with Luhan, the pretty boy next door, he is restricted behind glass, unable to touch him.

  • Say Something; Hunhan; NC17; 3.2k; Implied self harm; Baekhyun once told Luhan to break up with Sehun.

  • Baby, let's make love (and explode the stars); Hunhan; NC17; 5.8k; Luhan doesn't want to lose the last slice of manliness he has but the way Sehun calls him baby, makes it hard.

  • Lucky ones ; hunhan drabble collection #1

  • Satellite Heart ; Hunhan; NC17; 7.9k; Luhan feels Sehun in his heart.

  • Times Three; Hunhan; PG; 600; Sehun tells Luhan that he loves him three times, over and over again.

  • Pinkutopia ; Hunhan | minor Xiuhan; PG15; 5k; In which Sehun gets a DS and uses it to beat Minseok and win the heart of Luhan.

  • Fancy; Sehunxgirl!Sehun; NC17; 1.8k; Sehun's hand wanders a little too far up smooth thighs in the middle of statistic class.

  • Little; Hunhan; NC17; 2k, Luhan lets Sehun embrace his little side.

  • Dynamics; Hunhan; NC17; 1.5k; Luhan's expecting and Sehun's whipped.

  • Amortentia; Hunhan; NC17; 8.4k; Harry Potter AU!; In which Sehun procrastinates and ends up accidentally falling in love with himself. Thankfully, he’s not a terrible wizard and figures out a way to indulge his desires.


    • One, Two ; Hunhan | Hunhun (SehunxSehun); NC17; 1.6k; Sehun's twin brother is too popular and too jealous.

    • Three, Four ; Hunhan | Hunhun (SehunxSehun); NC17; 2k; Sehun's realizes three things about his brother and one thing about himself.

    • Five, Six ; Hunhan; NC-17; 2.1k; Sehun finally gets his alone time with Luhan but it might be short lived

    • i'm your little baby doll (you my mister rock n' roll) ; hunhan; nc17; ongoing; In which sehun is a bad boy and falls into a bet to talk to a pretty boy named luhan and gets more attached than he thought; w/ wintryriots

    • break me down ; hunhan; nc17; aob universe; ongoing; w/ joonhi

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