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Talk (Dirty) to Me

Talk (Dirty) to Me
NC17 | 3900 | hunhan
Luhan has a hot Korean tutor that’s set on teaching him something a little more advanced.
pwp, dirty talk
written for selubration♡

“Hangmun seongyo haebwasseo?”

Luhan scrunches his nose up, sighing as he looks at his grinning friend. “Sehun you know I don’t understand what you’re saying.” He puffs his cheeks out, crossing his arms as he waits for Sehun to answer him back in Chinese this time.

“I asked how you were doing today, ge.”

“Oh,” Luhan says quietly, nodding as he watches Sehun sit down in the chair across from him. “I’m fine, thanks. Is that the slang version of saying it? Because the notes I have tell me..”

Sehun grabs Luhan’s hand, stopping him from flipping through his notebook. “Yeah, you could say that.”

Five weeks into the tutoring and Luhan’s still not sure if letting Sehun teach him Korean is a good idea. Though, it was a choice between Sehun and Luhan’s friend Yixing. As much as Luhan loves his childhood buddy, he knows that Yixing himself isn’t fluent and they probably wouldn’t get anywhere. Besides, Luhan had to admit that he wanted to get to know the attractive Korean boy.

“So,” Sehun says with a smile, arms pressing against the table and his body leaning over them. “I thought today we should move on to more conversations. You know, get you really able to talk to someone.”

Luhan nods, scooting his chair up to the desk so he can write in his notebook more. The lesson goes as usual. Sehun teaches him a few phrases and Luhan repeats them. Luhan watches as Sehun writes the characters down slowly on a piece of paper and tells the other to copy them. Then Luhan tries writing it out himself, trying to master the alphabet. It’s tedious work but Luhan had to be honest; he was actually learning a lot with Sehun as his tutor.

The boy was a tall, lean, handsome one. He broke the six foot mark and was a good couple inches taller than Luhan himself. His hair was dark brown, black beginning to show at the roots. His complexion was to die for; beautiful milk white skin, only broken by a small scar on his cheeks. And his freckles. The one on his neck to be specific. Luhan loved it. There were three small ones in a line on Sehun’s cheek but they were only noticeable if his face was free of BB cream or any kind of make up.

He had annoying habits, Sehun did. Like licking his lips far too much. It wasn’t only distracting because Luhan found it attractive, but because Sehun did it nearly every time when he would talk. That nice pink tongue darting out to wet even pinker plump lips was a good distraction and often had Sehun repeating himself because Luhan spaced out. Another one of his annoying habits was the way he would pout and whine when Luhan got frustrated. It was high pitched and he mimicked a kindergartener throwing a tantrum.

Their sessions only lasted a few hours, three at the most. They were held twice a week in the library just after five. Luhan would always wait with Sehun until his ride came, not wanting to leave the younger one alone in the dark. It was a way to spend a little more extra time with the other and thankfully Sehun didn’t mind a bit.


It doesn’t take many more sessions for them to become good friends. Their meetings are more frequent than just the tutoring. Luhan finds Sehun sliding up next to him at lunch, smiling at his older friend. They wave at each other in the hallways between classes. Sehun even gave Luhan his number and it’s been the cause of many lip bites and blushes during their texting sessions.

“Na neo boji halko sipeo.” Is what Sehun says as he slides his hand across Luhan’s shoulders while pressing a little too close to him and whispering in his ear. “Ge~”

Luhan laughs awkwardly, not sure what exactly to say considering her didn’t know what Sehun said himself. He opts for a smile and tries to hide his blush as he leans into Sehun, not minding the warmth that’s holding him. “That’s cute,” he says, hoping that it’s somewhat relevant to what Sehun said.

Apparently it was a good enough answer since Sehun smiles at him, hand running down his back in a little more than friendly manner. Luhan of course doesn’t mind. He likes the way that Sehun makes his heart flutter and his stomach flip. He’s pretty sure that Sehun thinks the same way since the younger one is always eager to see him and goes out of his way to make sure he sees Luhan several times a day.

“You think that’s cute?” Baekhyun, one of Sehun’s friends that is sitting across from them at the lunch table, says with a scoff.

Luhan blinks, biting at his lip as he takes a glance at Sehun, watching for his reaction. The younger one furrows his brows and Luhan can see that he nudges his friend under the table. “Shut up, hyung.”

“I bet he doesn’t even know what you said. I’m pretty sure he would vomit if he did.”

Luhan tilts his head, nose scrunching up and fingers playing with the end of his shirt. He feels out of place, not understanding everything that Baekhyun and Sehun are saying to each other. He sits quietly and waits for the two to stop whispering harsh sounding words. It doesn’t take long and soon Sehun is turning towards him with a bright smile on his face.

“Do you wanna meet a little earlier today after school? I was thinking around four?”

Sehun’s Chinese is good. Not as good as his of course but for learning by himself, it’s better than most. His accent is a little off, emphasizing it too much like most foreigners did. It was cute though.

“I actually could do earlier if that’s okay with you? My teacher cancelled my afternoon class so I’m free after this.”

Sehun grins, nodding as he picks up his backpack and tugs it on his shoulder. “Meet me in the library in fifteen?”


Luhan’s there in five minutes. He shamefully rushed to the library as soon as Sehun was out of sight. There’s not many people in the library. Most are still on their lunch break or getting ready for their next class. The silence doesn’t help calm Luhan’s heart however. It always beats a little too fast and his chest starts to tighten whenever he thinks about Sehun. Every text Sehun sent him, every time he saw Sehun in the hallway, every time he heard someone talk about Sehun. Maybe it was a little too obsessive. It was almost stalkerish how much Luhan thought about the younger one.

But then he thinks that Sehun’s just as obsessed. Yixing tells him constantly how much he asks about him. Asks him how Luhan’s doing. Is he free that night. What kind of music he likes. Sure it annoys Yixing to no end but Luhan loves to hear it. It calms his nerves a bit to know that Sehun thinks about him just as much.

Luhan taps his fingers against the library table, sucking in a breath as he waits for the time to pass. He purses his lips when he remembers what Sehun had whispered in his ear.


He furrows his brows, pulling out his phone and brings up his handy translate app. He quickly types in what he thinks is the right spelling of what Sehun said. Thankfully it helps that Sehun’s voice is running through his head.

What Luhan did not expect was what it translated to. His face turns bright red and he parts his lips, quickly shoving his phone face down on the table. His heart feels like its going to burst out of his chest and he’s pretty sure his face is as red as the chair he’s sitting on. Maybe it was a mistake, he thinks. Those translation apps are never really correct anyways. They don’t know grammar or word placement rules. That had to be it, Luhan thinks as he nods his head, biting his lip.

“Hey,” Sehun whispers to him from behind, rubbing his hand against Luhan’s shoulder. “Sorry, hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long.”

Luhan bites at his lip harder, teeth digging into the flesh as he forces a smile. He isn’t really sure how to look at Sehun right now. Even if the translation was wrong, Sehun had still said something quite embarrassing to him. He’s sure that his cheeks are a light pink if not still beat red. Luhan sucks in a breath, watching as Sehun sits down in the chair next to him, setting his backpack on the floor next to him.

“Lu? You okay?” Sehun laughs, pulling his notebook out of his bag and setting it on the table. “You’re all pink and kind of sweaty.” Sehun’s face changes when Luhan just stares at him. His brows furrow and he leans closer, the back of his hand pressing against Luhan’s forehead. “Are you sick or something?”

“Can you tell me something else in Korean? Like you did earlier?” Luhan says quietly.

Sehun laughs softly, hand dropping from Luhan’s forehead. He hums and tilts his head, nodding as he leans forward over the table. “Naega ni jil mangateurikkeoya.”

He tilts his head as he grabs his phone, quickly typing in what Sehun had just said. Sehun watches him with a raised eyebrow, lips parted slightly. “Hey what are you-”

“You’re going to ravage my cunt?”

Both of them stare at each other in silence. Luhan sets his phone down, cheeks returning to a bright red, half because of hearing himself say such a sentence and the other half because Sehun said it to him. But Sehun has a blush on his cheeks too. Not as dark as Luhan’s but it’s noticeable.

“Listen,” Sehun says quietly, biting at his bottom lip. “I really like you and I’m sorry if that just kind of ruined it. I thought it might be fun if you didn’t know.” Sehun’s eyes widen and he sits up some. “I wasn’t trying to take advantage of you or anything like that either! Really, I promise.”

Luhan blinks at him, tilting his head as Sehun slightly begins to panic in his seat. He goes on mumbling things in Korean that Luhan can’t hear nor understand. It’s when Sehun ruffles his hair and frowns that Luhan starts to laugh.

It upsets Sehun even more and his lips purse out into a pout. His eyes droop and his body slumps back against the chair. “What are you laughing about?”

“Did you really think I’d be mad at you?” Luhan smiles, sucking in a breath as he leans over the table.

“Well,” Sehun says with a shrug. “I figured you would be. I mean we’re not really dating or anything like that.”

“I think it’s pretty hot,” Luhan says with a blush.

He watches as Sehun’s face tilts up to look at him. His eyes meet his and his eyebrow raises slightly, teeth pushing down on his bottom lip. “Do you?”

Luhan nods slowly, not able to look away from Sehun’s eyes. “Yeah,” he says, lips still parted. “I really like you too and stuff.

There’s silence between them for a few minutes. Both of them keep eye contact, watching as the other bite their lips. Sehun licks those plump lips of his a few times and for some reason, it makes Luhan’s stomach tighten this time.

“It’d probably be a little easier to study at my apartment,” Sehun says quietly, “might get more done there too.”

Luhan knows it’s not true. They’ve been perfectly capable of studying for the last months in the library. Yet he lets his lips curl up into a small smile and the excitement build in his chest as he nods his head.


It’s his back that shuts the door to the apartment once both of them are inside. Sehun’s wrapped his arms around him, lips pressed hard against his. Luhan moans out softly, arms curling around Sehun’s shoulders, pulling him down so he doesn’t have to stand on his toes as much. Sehun’s hands are gentle but demanding as they push their way up Luhan’s shirt. Luhan’s back arches off of the door. His fingers push their way into Sehun’s hair, tugging on it gently when the hands on his sides curve around to his chest.

Sehun’s lips are pulled away and pressed under Luhan’s ear. They make a line of kisses down his neck as his thumbs press against Luhan’s nipples. The older one gasps, body shivering and chest arching into Sehun’s hands. His whole body feels warm and each one of Sehun’s kisses does nothing to help cool him down. Not even when the kisses curve around his collarbone and bite at it.

It takes a few minutes for Luhan’s own hands to start working. They travel down Sehun’s back, nails digging into his shirt as he tugs it up some, feeling Sehun’s bare hips against his own. Sehun takes a step back, tugging off his shirt and tossing it to the side. Luhan pushes himself off the door, pulling his own shirt off and lets it join on the floor with Sehun’s.

The momentary pause between them lets Luhan look around Sehun’s apartment. It’s not much, really, but neither is his. There’s a black couch with what looks like a gaming chair to the right of it. A moderate sized tv with every color cord sticking out of it and hooking into multiple game systems. There’s not much on the side of decor except a few posters of movies and one of some girl group that Luhan’s forgot the name to.

“My room,” Sehun says as he wraps his arms around Luhan, lifting him up and holding him tightly.

Luhan gasps, legs wrapping around Sehun’s waist, ankles hooking around each other. His arms curl around his shoulders and he can’t help but let them wander, feeling Sehun’s soft skin against his hands.

The trip to Sehun’s room isn’t far. It’s only a couple feet away from the living room and soon he’s hit by the smell of cologne and fresh laundry. His room isn’t much different from the living room. A simple bed with blue sheets and a white comforter. There’s a matching colored dresser that has a few dirty clothes piled up on it but it doesn’t bother Luhan. He doesn’t get to see much else before he’s placed on the bed and his lips are being warmed by Sehun’s again.

They kiss for what feels like forever. Their tongues meet and soon Luhan’s lips are swollen and bright red from kisses. When Sehun pulls away, his tongue licks at Luhan’s lips, commenting on how wonderful they look to him. Luhan blushes and runs his hands down Sehun’s chest.

Sehun sits up on his knees. His lips curl into a smirk as he unbuttons his pants, pulling the zipper down and tugging the jeans off his hips. It makes Luhan swallow, teeth pressing into his bottom lip because he knows that Sehun doesn’t normally wear underwear. It isn’t that hard to figure out since he’s rather fond of watching Sehun’s ass when he bends over to get something.

“Repeat after me, Luhan,” Sehun says with a smirk, fingers curling around his chin. “Uwa jaji geugeo jeongmal juginda.”

Luhan nods, lips parting before he finds the words in the back of his throat. “Uwa jaji geugeo jeongmal juginda.”

He knows his accent and pronunciation is horrible. It normally is but Sehun doesn’t seem to mind. Luhan watches as Sehun wraps his hand around his cock, wrist flicking as he strokes it slowly. Luhan’s lips part and he lets out a small whimper because Sehun’s cock is gorgeous. It’s on the big side but not too big that it scares him. The tip is the lightest of pinks even though he sees a bead of precum pooling at the slit.

Sehun doesn’t have to tell him to touch him. Luhan leans forward and wraps his hand around his cock. It’s warm and his touch makes Sehun shiver. There’s fingers running through his hair, tugging his head down so his lips are hovering over his cock. It doesn’t even take a minute for Luhan to wrap his lips around the head. His tongue flicks against the slit, lips tightening around his member and a small moan vibrating against it. He leans down, shifting into a more comfortable angle before letting Sehun push his cock more in his mouth. Sehun’s fingers keep his head still, letting his hips do all the work.

“Damn, your mouth is so nice,” he moans out in Chinese.

The compliment makes Luhan’s own cock twitch in his pants. Sehun’s words are husky and Luhan looks up at him with hooded eyes. His head is leaned back and his whole neck to his chest is a gentle red from arousal. It doesn’t take long for Sehun’s cock to hit the back of Luhan’s throat. He gags softly, tightening his lips around Sehun as he lets Sehun thrust into his mouth.

Sehun pulls out slowly, watching as his cock pops out from Luhan’s lips. The elder’s lips are even more swollen and red than before. They’re shining brightly from spit, some of it even making his chin shimmer too.

“Can I fuck you,” Sehun says between pants.

Luhan doesn’t think he’s ever nodded as quickly as he does.

The prep is sloppy and a little inexperienced. Sehun shamly mentions that he’s never really fingered anyone before, besides the one or two times he tried it on himself. Luhan has to guide Sehun’s fingers, thrusting them in with his own hand.

“How do I say ‘finger me?’” Luhan says with a moan when Sehun’s fingers brush against his spot.

“Soneuro haejwo.”

Luhan nods and bites at his lip. His hips push up, ass pressing against Sehun’s hand more. “Soneuro haejwo, Sehun.”

Sehun moans out at the words. His fingers curl up and he pushes another one in, three of them thrusting into Luhan. The elder whimpers, face pressing against the bed as he rocks his hips back. He repeats it a few times, each one becoming more desperate and needy. It’s after the fourth finger can thrust in and out of him easily that Luhan pulls Sehun’s hand away.

There’s a little too much lube on Sehun’s cock and a little too much around the rim of Luhan’s ass when Sehun pushes in. Despite the slightly uncomfortable feeling Luhan moans out because it really does feel pretty fucking good. Sehun takes no time getting a good speed. One that makes his balls slap against Luhan’s ass, surely making a red mark. Sehun’s hand tugs at Luhan’s hair, making his head tilt back and his ass push up against Sehun’s hips.

Luhan knows he’s loud. He knows he’s moaning loud enough for any of Sehun’s neighbors to hear. He’s gasping and squealing at the way Sehun’s pounding into him. It’s definitely not Sehun’s first time and the thought of it makes his stomach tighten with pleasure. There’s a hand on his ass that slaps his cheek hard. Luhan moans loudly, fists balling against the blanket. His toes curl into the bed and his legs spread, knees beginning to give out.

“Naneun geolle joahae.”

The words come huskily out of Sehun’s lips. It makes a shiver run up his spine even though he doesn’t know what Sehun said. He’s pretty sure no matter what Sehun says to him it’ll make his cock twitch and his legs weaken.

The thing that pushes him over the edge is when Sehun tugs his head back, lips pressing against his lips and whispers that he’s a cockslut in Chinese. Luhan squeezes his eyes shut, his muscles tensing and his body letting the pleasure take over. Sehun doesn’t cut back on his thrusts either. He thrusts even harder, making the bed hit against the wall as he chases his own orgasm. Sehun pushes all the way in, moaning loudly and nails digging into Luhan’s scalp as he cums.


Sehun walks into the room, sweats hanging low off his hips and his chest still bare. He laughs softly as he wiggles a book in his hand. “Found it~”

Luhan smiles, rolling on his side so he can look at Sehun better. The blanket gets tugged up over his chest, trying to keep himself warm from the slight breeze in Sehun’s room. “What is it?”

Sehun had mentioned he had something to give Luhan when they both woke up from their post-sex nap. Luhan had whined and clung to Sehun, telling him to wait until later to get it because he didn’t want him to go away, not even for a minute. But Sehun was persistent and with a gentle kiss to Luhan’s lips, he was able to get up and search for his gift.

“A dirty language book,” he says as he slides into bed, setting the book on Luhan’s side. “Will teach you how to talk dirty to me now.”

“But that’s your job,” Luhan whines, turning on his back so he can scoot closer to Sehun. “Besides, hearing you say it is way sexier than reading a book.”

Sehun laughs, his arm wrapping around Luhan’s chest. “Yeah but don’t you think it’ll be even sexier to be able to tell me dirty stuff now?”

Luhan purses his lips, pouting as he opens the book. The first few pages aren’t anything interesting. Luhan quickly flips through the pages until he finds something worthy of saying. He smirks and laughs, holding the book up to his face as Sehun tries to peek at what he’s looking at.

He clears his throat and peeks up from the book, “Ibeuro haejwo.”

Sehun smirks at him with a laugh, pulling the book away from Luhan’s face as he climbs on top of him. Luhan giggles, biting his lip when Sehun pulls the blanket over them and presses a kiss to his lips. “Gladly.”


Hangmun seongyo haebwasseo?: have you ever had anal sex?
Na neo boji halko sipeo.: I want to lick your pussy.
Uwa jaji geugeo jeongmal juginda.: Wow, that is one fantastic cock.
Naneun geolle joahae.: I love a good slut.
Ibeuro haejwo.: Blow me.

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