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In which Mr. Oh has an innocent face and shy look but it doesn’t take much for Luhan break past it.
Dirty talking, humiliation, slight dacryphillia,
written for selubration♡

Luhan was never really fond of school. He did alright, stuck straight in the middle of his class. He only ever did enough to be average. There was always a class or two he excelled in every semester but even then, he was still ranked in the middle, which was perfectly fine with him. Socially, he was the same. He had a few good friends and a handful of acquaintances. His parents maybe weren’t completely happy that he was just an average student but Luhan didn’t mind it one bit.

This was his last year at high school, thankfully. Three years have gone by too slowly and he couldn’t be happier to be getting out of the place. No more long days with a lack of sleep and bad food for lunch. Sure he would have to deal with university applications and finals that could keep him back an extra year but that didn’t seem too bad. He could always head to the community college for a year until he got his shit together. Luhan was determined to make this year one of his funnest.

The school building always has a distinct ‘new year’ smell. It reeks of that cardboard back on notebooks, cleaning supplies, and new perfume. Luhan coughs and covers his mouth and nose, wishing he had packed one of his masks. He rolls his eyes when he passes by a group of girls dressed in new Victoria’s Secret clothing and about a liter of perfume. He was definitely not going to miss this fucking school.


He turns around and lets his lips curl up into a smile, arm extending out. “Chanyeol!” Luhan laughs and grips the other’s hand, wrapping his arm around his waist and patting his back lightly. “How was your summer?”

Chanyeol laughs, hand running through his hair and ruffling the seemingly new red hair around. Some bangs fall on his forehead but he quickly pushes them away. “Long, boring as hell.” He adjusts the bag hanging on his shoulder and shifts his weight to one leg. “Stayed up all night last night finishing that stupid literature homework.”

Luhan’s eyes widen and his heart skips a beat. Chanyeol bursts out laughing, hands clapping and body bending forward. Luhan groans and pushes at Chanyeol’s side, making him bump into the lockers against the wall. “Shut it. I’ll do it tonight. They never check it the first day anyways.”

“Yeah, yeah. You say that every year.”

Luhan doesn’t bother responding as he hears the warning bell ring, letting them know they have five minutes to get to their first classes. Luckily, Chanyeol had the same first period as him. Even if Luhan was surrounded by prissy girls and obnoxious jocks, at least he had his best friend there.

The first class of the day is unfortunately health. It’s not the worst class there is but it’s pretty bad on the scale. Nothing really changed from year to year in the class. They learned about their bodies and hygiene and pretty much all common sense things. The next year they learned about nutrition and how to eat healthy and the proper amount of exercise they all need. Next came diseases and different disgusting things that Luhan didn’t ever pay attention to, especially not because there were always pictures. Now that it was his last year, it was time to learn about sexual health.

Luhan wasn’t exactly clueless about sex. He wasn’t a virgin but wasn’t someone that went around and banged every girl or guy in sight. Sure he jacked off a little too often and watched porn every night before bed but that didn’t make him a slut or anything. He was just a hormonal teenager and one that didn’t take advantage of every student in their school.

The first thing Luhan notices when he walks in the classroom is the writing on the board. It isn’t the fancy cursive of the teacher he’s used to seeing. The health teacher was a middle aged woman that always read romance novels while they did their work. However the writing on the board was a bit sloppier and definitely didn’t belong to her. It also didn’t say miss anymore and instead said mister. Luhan licks at his lips and looks around in search of the teacher.

“Hey,” he says to Chanyeol as they sit down in their normal seats at the back. “Is there a new health teacher this year?”

Chanyeol blinks and his lips purse out a bit and Luhan watches as his eyes travel to the board. “Mister Oh? I’ve never heard that name before.”

“I just hope he’s not old. That’s the last thing we need,” Luhan mutters, arms crossing over his chest. “An old man teaching us how to bang someone.”

Oh was he proven wrong. Luhan watches as a tall, lanky boy walks into the classroom. He has a tie hanging around his neck and a dark blue blazer over a white button down shirt. His eyes travel down to his black trousers that are a little too tight around his ass. It makes Luhan shift in his seat, trying to get a better look at what could possibly be his teacher.

The boy turns around and Luhan’s lips part at his features. His long narrow jaw and sharp nose that’s a little on the big side but fits him absolutely perfectly. Luhan swears he can see small dustings of eyeliner in the corners of his slim eyes. Then there’s his thick lips that he’s licked about three times since Luhan’s started staring at him. They’re a bright pink that reminds him of bubble gum. His cheeks are almost the same color as his eyes meet Luhan’s.

Class goes by extremely slowly for Luhan. Mostly because he’s busy watching the teacher’s lips and the way his fingers shake when he’s writing on the board. It’s obvious that he’s nervous. New teacher, new school, a bunch of hormonal, bratty, teenagers that he has to teach sex too. Luhan would be nervous too. He’s not sure which one he’s more flustered about though. The blush on his cheeks stays the whole time and Luhan swears that his voice gets a little higher every now and then.

Chanyeol leans over against Luhan’s desk when the teacher turns around to write more information on the board. “Damn,” he whispers with a grin on his lips. “he’s fucking hot.”

Luhan sucks in a breath, body shifting in his seat. His lips curl up into a smirk when the teacher drops his marker and bends down to get it. He can’t help but tilt his head up to get a better look at the pants being stretched by his ass. “Tell me about it.” Luhan groans, hand pushing its way in his hair, locks falling between his fingers.

“Wonder how old he is.”

The teacher turns around and Luhan gets another look at his face. It’s gentle but has the sharpness around his jaw and corner of his eyes. His skin is beautiful, much like Luhan’s own skin. Luhan can’t decide if he’s more cute or sexy. “He looks pretty young. Got a baby face.”

Chanyeol laughs, legs stretching out under his desk. “Like you?”

“Shut the fuck up.” Luhan growls, punching Chanyeol’s arm hard enough for him to complain. “I’m still young. Besides, I’m the one that can grow a mustache.”

Luhan doesn’t have to look at Chanyeol to know that he’s rolling his eyes. He uses the fact that he can grow a mustache quite often. He did have a young looking face, sure, but his muscles and personality made up for it. The teacher in front of him however, looked like he was still a teenager all over.

There was a bit of muscles on his arms. Luhan could see the faint outline of them whenever the teacher reached up to the top of the board to write. His body was still lanky and Luhan didn’t miss the way his hips curved into his thighs and ass, much like a girl’s. He definitely didn’t miss when his shirt popped out from in his pants and showed his flat stomach. The sight didn’t last long though as the teacher turns bright red and quickly shoves his shirt back in.

Luhan watches him for the rest of the class. Watches how his hands shake when he holds papers in his hands. How his voice gets a little high pitched when he says something wrong. How his laugh is a whole two octaves deeper. Then there’s the fact that he smells like expensive cologne that’s on the floral side. Luhan takes in a deep breath through his nose when the teacher passes by him after handing him the syllabus.

The first few paragraphs are boring, just how they all are. They talk about what they’re going to learn in the class and what the grading system is. All the things Luhan doesn’t really care about. His eyes are trained on the teacher’s personal information. He’s got a pretty name; Sehun Oh. Luhan grins because the Oh part is very appropriate for him. Luhan puts a star next to his email and phone number, giving himself a reminder to definitely put them in his contacts.

Mr. Oh explains the homework, only a few pages of reading and an ‘About me’ worksheet, before dismissing the class.


“Dude,” Jongin says as he sits down across from Luhan in the cafeteria. “New health teacher is a total hottie.”

“I thought you were done with guys.” Chanyeol scrunches his nose up, taking a few more sips of his soda. “Besides, aren’t you fucking that chick from last year? The one from gym class?”

Luhan bites down on his fork before blinking a few times. “Big tits and long blonde hair?”

Jongin groans and hits his hand against the table, making both Luhan and Chanyeol laugh. “It doesn’t matter. Mr. Oh is hot.”

All of them stop talking when Chanyeol nudges their sides and nods towards the vending machines. Luhan sets his fork down and sits up against the bench, looking around to see what Chanyeol is motioning to. It doesn’t take long before Luhan sees a familiar figure pushing money in the drink machine.

“Damn, that ass is incredible.” Luhan groans, hand rubbing at his forehead. His tongue comes out to lick at his lips, watching as Mr. Oh bends down to grab his drink. Luhan feels a subtle heat in his pants, making him cross one leg over the other.

“He doesn’t even have underwear lines,” Chanyeol says with a grin, chin resting in his hand. “Think he’s going commando?”

“Stop or I’m going to have to go fucking jack off in the bathroom.” Luhan purses his lips and pushes his fork into the chicken nugget. “And I’d rather not go to gym with a boner either.”


Luhan quickly learns that Sehun isn’t the best teacher. Perhaps it’s just the subject of sexual education or simply being in front of a group of students. Every time that Sehun turns around to talk to them, his cheeks are a gentle shade of pink the whole time.

He also notes that Sehun stutters and won't make eye contact with any of the students. His eyes are always trained on the back wall or sometimes on the ceiling. Luhan can't help but smirk and watch with careful eyes.

In the second week, Sehun gives out their first in class assignment. He hands out the papers and doesn't do much else, forgetting to give out proper instructions. Luhan stares at the paper and then turns to look at Chanyeol who’s doing the same.

Luhan let's his lips curl into a grin. "Hey, I'm gonna go see if he'll give me instructions."

Chanyeol grabs onto Luhan's arm when he stands up, looking up at him with a smirk. Luhan nods before wiggling his arm away and walks up to the desk.

Before he can even get up to the desk, Sehun's eyes are wide and on him. Luhan only furthers his grin at the pretty brown eyes on him. He doesn't even think twice before putting his hands on the desk and bending over slightly, allowing his tank top to hang down enough to reveal his chest.

"Mr. Oh," Luhan says slowly, tongue darting out to lick at his lips. "I'm not sure I understand the assignment."

"Oh, well.. I can help you. A-At least I can try." Luhan nods, letting himself walk over so he's standing next to the teacher. "So what you have to do is just name the main parts of the human body." Sehun nods and points to the outline of the male's body, finger tapping on the head. "This is obviously the head.. Then comes the torso, shoulders, arms. Then down to the stomach and hips.."

"Then the cock." Luhan tries to hold back laughter when Sehun blinks and shifts in his seat slowly, tongue shooting out to lick at his lips. He nods slowly and Luhan doesn't miss the blush on his cheeks.

"Yes, the penis."

Luhan does laugh at the fact that Sehun uses the word penis instead of cock. He turns his head to look at the teacher. "You know, I want to learn more about the cock, Mr. Oh."

Sehun sucks in a breath and shifts in his seat again, legs crossing over one another. "That's not really the assignment today, Luhan." His fingers shake slightly as he hands the paper back to Luhan.

Chanyeol stares at him the whole time he's walking back. There's a look of interest and Luhan scoots his desk closer to his friend when he sits down.


"He seems innocent, nervous. He wouldn't even say the word cock." Luhan laughs and pushes his hand through his hair. "He also smells good. Really good. Looks better up close."

"God," Chanyeol sighs as he leans back in his chair. "How can someone so hot be so innocent?"

Luhan leans his head back, crossing his arms around his chest. He watches as Sehun reads through the textbook in front of him. "You know, I don't think he actually is."

Chanyeol shifts so his knees hit under the desk, laughing softly. "What do you mean?"

"I bet he's a slut. Likes to take it up his ass a lot." Luhan smirks, eyes trained on Sehun up front. "With an ass like that, who wouldn't want to show it off?" He tilts forward, elbows bumping against his desk. “I bet I can make him crack.”

“No way. He probably wants someone bigger than him. Wants someone to hold his little body.”

Luhan laughs, shaking his head as he holds his fist out. “Wanna make it official then? Whoever can get in his pants first, wins. Bragging rights and everything.”

Chanyeol nods, bumping his fist against Luhan’s gently. “It’s a bet.”


It’s a bit more competition with Jongin involved. He knows the other has a great way of seducing people. He can have girls and guys wrapped around his fingers in a matter of minutes. Chanyeol had a good chance too. His tall figure and deep voice definitely made people’s hearts flutter and cheeks turn red. Luhan didn’t look all that intimidating. On some days he looked manlier than others but what really counted was the other things. His muscles, his way of talking, his body. He was definitely competition.

Luhan watches Jongin make his move in the cafeteria the next week. He walks up to Sehun as he’s getting his usual chocolate bar from the vending machine and leans against it. Luhan shifts in his seat, teeth pressed together in hopes that Sehun will reject him. Jongin lets his hand run through Sehun’s hair, locks falling back into place after it’s gone. He can’t see Sehun’s face but he can see the shift in his body weight. Jongin smirks and tilts his head so his lips are brushing against Sehun’s ear.

Sehun tilts backwards, shaking his head and his hands push at Jongin’s chest. The other parts his lips for a laugh and his fingers graze against Sehun’s ass when he pushes past him. Luhan grins in victory when Jongin comes back and sits with a groan.

“I’m going to try again tomorrow,” he says as he stabs his knife into his cake.


“Guess what I got,” Chanyeol sings as he runs to catch up with Luhan. His hand is wiggling his phone in the air and there’s a bright grin on his face.

Luhan pushes the front doors open, eyes squinting at the bright sun. “What?”

“Mr. Oh’s phone number.”

Luhan blinks and narrows his eyes even more at his friend. Chanyeol only laughs and hooks his arm around Luhan’s shoulders and smiles with a sigh. “Looks like you’re the one going to lose this time, baby.”

“Shut up. I’m not a fucking baby.” Luhan pushes Chanyeol’s arm off of him and adjusts the backpack on his shoulders. “What are you going to do with it?”

Shuffling the bag off his shoulder, Luhan reaches in the front pocket and digs out his car keys. He points them at his car a couple feet away and watches as Chanyeol tilts his head in thought.

“I’m going to send him a picture of my dick.”

Luhan laughs as he opens his door. “What will that do?”

“Maybe get him horny. He’ll jack off and then realize he wants my cock actually in him and call me to come over.” The other nods with a smirk as he adjusts in his seat, tongue darting out because of Luhan’s sour expression. “You know what, he hasn’t come out yet right? Let me send it to him right now.”

Luhan groans and pushes at Chanyeol’s side. “Stop. I don’t want to see your dick anymore.” He’s seen it one too many times and he really isn’t in the mood to see it anymore. Especially not when it might win him the bet. If Sehun’s really the cock slut that Luhan thinks, he might go for Chanyeol’s dick instead. It’s longer than his own and definitely looks amazing, even Luhan had to admit that.

The other doesn’t listen though and is soon unbuttoning his pants and tugging them down just past his hips. Luhan rubs his forehead, eyes trained on the front of the school instead of his friend’s dick. When he hears the camera click is when he sees Sehun’s tall form push the door open.

“Sent,” Chanyeol sings in victory as he tugs his pants up.

“I hope he fucking reports you,” Luhan spits out when Chanyeol lets out a laugh.

Luhan watches Sehun dig in his pocket and pull out his phone. His heart speeds up slightly in fear that Chanyeol’s plan will really work. It would definitely work for him if Sehun sent a picture of his ass to him.

Even from far away, he can see Sehun’s cheeks turn bright red. He quickly shoves his phone in his pocket and hurries down the stairs and out of view.

Luhan grins in happiness when Chanyeol calls him at midnight in a panic. Sehun called his parents and now he was suffering a month in detention and possible expulsion.


Luhan had a plan. He was going to get Sehun alone. There was no way he could seduce the man in the classroom. He was always on high alert, eyes darting around and body jittering. Luhan would have to either get him outside of school or when no one was around. Maybe he’d invite him over to his house. Though it would be nicer to see Sehun’s house, find his secrets, see what kind of place a teacher lives at. Luhan would probably have to befriend him first. The only thing was, he didn’t want a friend. He wanted to just fuck him. Fuck his nice ass and get him to admit that he’s a slut. That was the goal.

Of course there was the chance that Sehun really was as innocent as he acted. Perhaps he was straight and would be disgusted if Luhan came to approach him like so. He just hoped it wasn’t the case because it would make class incredibly awkward for the rest of the year.

Luhan waits until he has a reason to approach Sehun. He waits until Sehun announces that they’ll be having a test the next class. Luhan thinks it’s a perfect opportunity. Fail the test and get a talk with Sehun. Sure it might hurt his grade a little but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t fix. Sehun might even change it to an A after he gets his ass filled well.


“Almost all of you did well,” Sehun says as he sits down at his desk, stack of papers in his hands. “Please come up and grab your tests when I call your name.”

Luhan feels his lips twitch into a smirk as Sehun starts reading out the names. He knows that there’s no way he even got one question right on the test. The answers he put down have nothing to do with health at all. He even wrote for one answer that Sehun was hot and it made Luhan hard. It might be shameless. Sehun might even tell someone higher up about it. But there was no way Luhan was going to lose the bet. It was one bet he had to win.


There’s a different tone in Sehun’s voice when he calls Luhan’s name. Luhan smirks and pushes himself up. He walks with confidence up to Sehun’s desk, knowing that he’s definitely going to get a talk about his test.

“How did I do, Mr. Oh?”

Sehun clears his throat and lays his hands flat on the desk. His lips part for a moment before closing again. It takes a minute before Sehun tilts his head up and looks him in the eyes. “Not only did you fail the test completely, Luhan, but your answers were highly inappropriate.”

“I’m just telling the truth, Mr. Oh.” Luhan says with a grin. “I thought that was a good thing.”

Sehun blinks and Luhan watches him swallow thickly. He shifts in his seat before sliding the piece of paper closer to Luhan. “We’re going to have a talk later, okay? Come back here after school is done.”

“Yes sir.” Luhan grabs his test and walks back to his desk with a smirk tugging his lips up high.


Luhan finds Sehun packing up his bag when he walks into the classroom. His black blazer is laid across the back of his chair, revealing his tight white button up. Luhan licks at his lips quickly, admiring how broad Sehun’s shoulders are. His fingers tug at his pants and Luhan sees the way Sehun is adjusting his belt. Luhan doesn’t bother to make his presence known. He stays quiet as he watches Sehun tug his pants up more, the fabric gently tucking under his ass cheeks.

When Luhan clears his throat, Sehun gasps and turns around, quickly fixing his belt. His cheeks are turning pink and Luhan only let's out a small laugh.

"I'm here."

"I can see that," Sehun mutters out before running his hand through his hair. "Bring a chair up here please."

Luhan follows directions and grabs a chair from the front row, dragging it across the floor up to Sehun's desk. He presses his lips together as he sits down and makes eye contact with his teacher.

"What am I in trouble for, Mr. Oh." Luhan makes sure to slur his name with desire and maybe a bit more emphasis on the Oh part. "I'll try better on the next test, promise." He ends it with a wink and his fingers curl against his legs in victory when he sees Sehun swallow.

"I'm upset that you failed the test, yes, but that's not what this is about." Sehun shifts in his chair and places his hands on the desk. "This is about your inappropriate remarks on it." He grabs the paper that's been set to the side. Sehun's mouth presses together before parting slowly. "How you think my ass is hot. How you bet I have a big.. Dick.." Sehun sighs and rubs his forehead. "This has to stop Luhan."

"But Mr. Oh, I'm only telling the truth." Luhan shifts in his seat and bends his body forward and lets his lips curl up into a grin.

Sehun let's out a breath slowly and shakes his head. "That's not something you say to a teacher."

Luhan scoffs, fingers tapping against the desk. "Cut it with the innocent act, Sehun."

The teacher presses his lips together tightly. His eyes widen and Luhan watches as he leans back in his chair as Luhan stands up. Luhan leans over the desk and lets his face hover inches away from Sehun's.

"I know this isn't the real you. It can't be. I bet you're a fucking slut." Luhan smirks as he watches Sehun's cheeks turn a bright red and his lips part. "Do you take cock well? That nice ass of yours just calls for it. Did it maybe get that way from you riding cock so much?"

Sehun's face tells it all, Luhan thinks. He's right on the mark. He can even see small starts of tears at the corners from how red his face is. Luhan lets out a small laugh and tilts his head, grabbing Sehun's chin, tilting it up so their eyes meet.

"I've thought of you a lot, Mr. Oh. Thought about you on your knees sucking my cock. You'd like that wouldn't you? Your mouth being filled with thick cock."

"Luhan," Sehun sputters out in a whimper. "Please.."

Luhan smirks and drops his hand. He makes his way around the desk and Sehun's eyes follow him. Luhan's hands grab at Sehun's chair, tugging it back so his waist could be seen. His eyes go down to the bulge pressing against Sehun's trousers, all too much to be just the way his pants are.

“Mr. Oh,” Luhan says while clicking his teeth. “That’s very innapropriate of you. Getting hard while a student is here.”

Sehun glares at him and he doesn’t need to say anything for Luhan to know what he means. Luhan’s the one that made him that way. Called him out on how he really is and not to mention humiliated him. But Luhan knew for sure now that he was going to win this bet. He had Sehun under his finger.

“That’s okay, I’m hard too.” Luhan smirks as he presses his hand against his own crotch, pushing his jeans against him to try and make the outline of his cock even more noticeable. “Maybe you can help me out and I won’t tell anyone about this.” Sehun’s eyes widen and his lips part, Luhan speaks again before Sehun can say anything. “I can help you out too. Wouldn’t you like that?”

Luhan watches as Sehun takes a deep breath, ankles crossing over one another and eyes darting over to the door. He swallows before standing up and adjusting his pants. Luhan thinks he’s about to go get someone as he takes long strides to the door. The theory is dismissed when Sehun shuts it and presses the lock instead. He doesn’t allow Sehun to walk back to him. Luhan makes his way over to him, hands grabbing his cheeks and pulls him down for a kiss.

Sehun’s lips feel how they look; warm and soft. They’re a little more than slicked from the amount of times Sehun’s licked them in the short time. Sehun’s are slightly bigger than Luhan’s. Thicker and definitely more plump. They part when Luhan licks at the seam of them, allowing his tongue to run along the insides of them.

“You can’t tell anyone about this,” is what Sehun whispers against Luhan’s lips before parting them and letting Luhan’s tongue in. Luhan curls his fingers around the edge of Sehun’s jaw, pulling him closer, letting their body touch against each other.

The kiss becomes sloppy as Luhan runs his hands down Sehun’s neck. Sehun’s tongue clashes with his and he knows there’s drool collecting on the older one’s chin. Luhan decides to pull away. His hands press against Sehun’s shoulders, pushing him against the door before letting his tongue trace the muscles of his neck. He kisses at the freckle right under his jaw, letting his lips tighten around it and his mouth suck.

Sehun makes small sounds and Luhan can hear a thump and he knows Sehun’s leaned his head back against the door. His hands run down the older boy’s chest. It isn’t hard to find his nipples considering his thumbs bump into the nubs on their way down. Luhan smirks against Sehun’s skin as he circles his thumbs around them.

“Ah,” Sehun breathes out along with a whimper when Luhan applies a bit more pressure. His eyes squeeze shut and his cheeks turn a darker shade of pink, the blush now starting to appear on his neck.

The pleasure only last shortly because Luhan pulls his hands away and grabs onto Sehun’s arm instead. He drags the taller one over to the desk, curve of his back pressed against the edge and Sehun’s arm around Luhan’s shoulders. Their lips clash together and Luhan’s hands hurry to work at Sehun’s pants. They would have plenty of time to tease and experiment another day. Luhan was positive Sehun would come crawling back to him for more.

Sehun moans out when Luhan presses his hand to his crotch. His fingers curve around his member and then they tug down the zipper. Luhan smirks and lets out a small chuckle to find the tip of Sehun’s cock peeking out when he begins to pull down his pants.

“No underwear? Fuck, you’re even more of a slut than I thought.” Luhan growls and pushes the pants down past Sehun’s hips. He licks his lips, noticing that Sehun is smooth, so smooth down there. Not only is he hairless, but there’s not even any sign that there was hair to begin with. “And what a cute dick you have,” his fingers wrap around the length slowly, thumb brushing against the tip, tugging the foreskin down slowly. “Average. Good for a slut like you.”

Luhan can see Sehun’s face becoming twisted in embarrassment. His lips are pressed tightly together and his eyes are shining as tears build up in the corners. His chest rises and falls quickly with each pant and whimper as Luhan’s hand continues to tease his cock. It fits perfectly in his hand and he lets his pinky play with his balls. Sehun’s back arches, head leaning back and his fingers curl against the edge of his desk.

“Turn around,” Luhan hisses as he slaps his hand across Sehun’s thigh. The older one nods and Luhan watches as he steps out of his pants, cock bobbing just slightly. Luhan sucks in a breath when he sees Sehun’s ass. It’s rounder than it looks like with pants on. There’s a small freckle on the right cheek and he doesn’t waste time, hands squeezing at the plump cheeks quickly. “God, you have such a fat ass. I can’t wait to fuck it.”

Luhan’s whole body shivers at the thought of shoving his cock between the cheeks in his hands. When he spreads them, he feels his cock twitch against his pants at the sight of his entrance. It’s bright pink and he knows Sehun is clenching and unclenching on purpose. Most likely trying to give him a show. Luhan scoffs and slaps both cheeks hard and fast, making Sehun bend over his desk.

“Wait here.”

Sehun whimpers at the statement, head turning back to look at Luhan as he walks away. Luhan grabs his backpack, opening the front zipper and digging around until he pulls out a small bottle of lube.

“Finger me,” Sehun whispers when Luhan runs his fingers under his cheeks.

Luhan smirks, finger running up between the cheeks and circling around his entrance. “If we had more time, I’d oil up your fat ass and fucking worship it.” Sehun clenches against his finger at the sentence. Luhan pulls his finger away, one hand spreading his cheeks and the other opening the lube. “Maybe I’d fuck you like that. Cock between your cheeks and only grinding against your pussy. Would you like that, Seonsaeng-nim?”

Sehun groans out at the name. His cheek presses against the desk and he lets one of his legs come up on it, knee digging into the surface for balance. “Please,” he breathes out, “Luhan please just touch me.” Sehun locks his eyes with Luhan’s before parting his lips. “I need it. I’ve been thinking about this so much.”

The whimpers being let out by his teacher become worse when Luhan pushes a finger in. Sehun grinds back against Luhan’s hand, muscles tightening around his finger. Luhan bites his lip, watching as another finger disappears between big cheeks. He smirks when three fingers are in and twists his hand so his thumb and pinky are pressed against his cheeks. Luhan curls his fingers up and moves his hand up quickly. The movement makes Sehun’s ass wiggle wildy and the older one chokes out a scream at the action. The sounds of Sehun’s ass makes Luhan groan and press his hips against his thigh.

“Luhan.. fuck, please..fuck me.” Sehun groans out loudly, hips pushing back against Luhan’s own. His ass wiggles against his crotch and it pushes his fingers in further.

With his own cock pressing hard against his pants, Luhan decides to stop teasing. He pulls his fingers out slowly, tips rubbing against his rim. He slaps Sehun’s cheek before unbuttoning his pants. He pushes them down quickly, kicking them to the side as he steps out of them. From the way Sehun has his leg up on the desk, he can see his entrance clenching around air.

“Ready for my cock?” Sehun nods quickly, reaching back and spreading his cheeks even further. Luhan groans out, pumping his member slowly as he steps closer. There’s a good amount of lube poured onto the top and his hand works down to the tip, thumb brushing against the silver piercing. It’s something that Luhan is extremely proud of. He got it only months ago and since then, he’s been dying to put it to use.

Sehun gasps when Luhan presses the tip against his entrance, silver ring nudging in slowly. “S-Shit, you have a piercing?”

Luhan grins, hand steadying his cock as he pushes in slowly. “Like it?”

Instead of answering, Sehun presses his face against the desk and arches his back, moans spilling out of his mouth. Luhan doesn’t allow Sehun to adjust to the size even though he knows he’s thick and he’s stretching Sehun out a little further than is comfortable. He grabs onto his hips and begins thrusting, thighs slapping against Sehun’s with each thrust. Sehun moans out loudly, eyes squeezing shut and toes curling around Luhan’s thigh.

“Seonsaeng-nim, do you like my big cock in you? It’s nice and thick. It fills your cunt up real good.” Sehun’s face turns a brighter shade of red, embarrassment mixing with pleasure. He lets out a small whimper and a nod as Luhan pushes in all the way, balls tapping against Sehun’s. The older one chokes out a moan and rolls his hips back against Luhan’s hips. “You’re such a fucking slut. How long have you been wanting my cock in you like this, Seonsaeng-nim?”

Sehun whimpers, fingers curling against the edge of the desk. He parts his lips to speak, allowing a few moans out before finally being able to get out words. “L-Luhan, stop..”

“Stop what, hm? Stop exposing you for the person you really are? You probably take cock every night don’t you? That’s why you rush home after school. You probably shove vibrators up your tight cunt when you can’t get any cock. Or maybe,” Luhan moans out when Sehun tightens around his member, “maybe you do both? Fucking stuff yourself with cocks.”

Luhan watches a tear fall from Sehun’s eyes and it makes his cock twitch inside him. Watching Sehun cry only fuels his desire. Luhan groans out, fingers digging into Sehun’s hips more as he picks up speed. He pushes all the way in when Sehun gasps out, another tear falling from his eyes.

“I’m gonna cum.. oh god, Luhan.” The last bit of his name is moaned out loudly as Luhan pounds into him quickly. He knows his piercing is hitting against his spot, he can feel it and the way Sehun’s squirming and letting out screams is enough for him to know. It only takes another few hits against his prostate to make Sehun spill all over the desk. His cum shoots out against the surface, some landing on his chest and most of it rubbing against his stomach as he moves and trembles. Luhan groans out, pulling his hips back and slamming back in all the way until his cock pulses and his own orgasm hits.

“Hold it in,” Luhan says as he pulls his cock out slowly. He lets the piercing rub against his entrance, smirking at the way the rim is red and slightly swollen from being stretched and fucked well. He leans down, hands pushing apart Sehun’s cheeks as he licks a straight line from his balls to his hole. His tongue swirls around it, lapping up the small amount of cum that’s already leaked out from Sehun not being able to hold it in. Sehun groans, knees wobbling against the desk as Luhan pushes his tongue in slowly, swirling it around. It’s an interesting taste between his own cum, lube, and Sehun’s own taste.

He squeezes Sehun’s cheeks, making him moan out and more of his cum slide out from his hole. Luhan laps it up quickly, pulling his tongue out before giving a rather hard slap against Sehun’s already abused cheek. The older moans and buries his face against his arm, fingers threading through his brown hair.

Luhan grabs Sehun’s arms and pulls him up. Sehun stumbles, thighs trembling and chest rising and falling quickly as he tries to come down from not only his orgasm but the way Luhan was eating him out.

“Ride me,” Luhan groans out when Sehun turns to look at him. He walks around to sit in Sehun’s chair, legs spread and cock standing upright. Sehun walks with wobbling legs and his hand dragging along the desk, helping him keep balance. Luhan can see his tear stained cheeks and still watery eyes when Sehun stops in front of him. He smirks and leans down, licking the tip of Sehun’s hard cock. He slaps it and spits on the tip before leaning back in the chair, motioning for Sehun to sit down.

And Sehun does. He straddles Luhan’s waist, hands on his shoulders and knees pressing against the very end of the chair. He sinks down slowly onto Luhan’s cock while whispering how thick and big it is. He moans out, head leaning back and thighs trembling against Luhan’s own thighs as he bounces quickly.

“Seonsaeng-nim, you ride my cock so well. Have you done this before?” Luhan smirks, hands gripping at Sehun’s hips as his own push up when Sehun’s go down. Sehun nods, fingers curling more into Luhan’s shirt and tugging it up. He groans out and leans his head back and Luhan takes the opportunity to lick a stripe up the long expanse of his neck. He can feel Sehun’s cock twitch against his stomach and he swears he feels a bead of precum wet his shirt.

It takes Sehun half as long to cum the second time. He cums suddenly when Luhan’s piercing hits right against his spot, making him gasp and his whole body tremble against him. Luhan wraps his arms around the shaking boy, holding him close as he thrusts out his own orgasm. He cums hard, filling Sehun up even more and to the point where he can feel it leak out back on his own cock.

Sehun’s hands grip onto Luhan’s arm tightly as he comes down from his high. His thighs are tight around Luhan’s waist and Luhan waits until his cock stops throbbing before pulling it out. “You tell no one about this,” Sehun whispers as he presses his face against Luhan’s chest, heavy pants still hitting against Luhan’s shirt.


Luhan walks with pride the next day. He’s made sure to do his hair well and put on his nicest school outfit, mostly in hopes of seeing a flustered Sehun again and maybe even get some more alone time with him. And it works because as he sits down in the classroom, Sehun’s cheeks turn red and he quickly turns away to face the board. Luhan smirks, arms crossing over his chest and his body leaning back in the chair.

“I can’t believe you,” Chanyeol groans out as he drops his backpack on the floor.

Luhan knows exactly what he’s referring to. It’s the picture that he managed to snap of Sehun’s cum covered ass. The one of Sehun’s sweaty, red, and twisted with pleasure face might have followed too. It’s one of many pictures that he has saved on his phone. Ones of Sehun’s head leaning against the blackboard while Luhan fucks up into him. Another one of Sehun pressed against the window, nipples hard and marked with hickies and bite marks. Luhan’s favorite is one of Sehun’s own hands spreading his ass and Luhan’s cock pushed halfway in him. Luhan was more than thankful Sehun was too out of it by the fourth round to realize that he was taking pictures of him.

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