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Black Widow [4/4]

They take their time as they go through the castle. Luhan’s hand is kept tightly in Sehun’s, the sword in his other hand. They check every room and every hiding space they know of. The palace is still quiet. It’s not the haunting quiet that it’s been for the past hours. It’s a peaceful kind of quiet. The only sounds are of their feet and their breathing.

Sehun stops when they get to Luhan’s room. He lets Luhan sit down when tears start to flow down his cheeks. “Mother and father are dead,” he whispers, eyes closed and hands balling up the bunched up sheets.

“It could have been a lie, Luhan. Jongin is very manipulative,” Sehun says, hand pushing Luhan’s hair out of the way.

Luhan shakes his head as more tears push past his closed lids. “I watched him kill them, Sehun. He killed them both in front of my very eyes!”

There are hundreds of things that Sehun could have said. Yet none of them seemed right at the moment. Luhan doesn’t look for comforting words but goes for body warmth and the security of having someone against him. Sehun feels tears sliding down his cheeks as well. The Emperor and Empress were like his own parents. They were always welcoming and caring to him. Even though he was not of royal blood they still treated him well. But Sehun doesn’t dwell on his own sadness.

It takes far longer for them to search outside. They go around the palace at least four times and the forest about six. They only stop when Sehun has to sit down on one of the paths in the garden. His foot is completely numb and he has to take his boot off to gain circulation again. He sighs and rubs his ankle slowly, watching as Luhan tilts his head up to the sky.

“It is snowing,” he says quietly.

Sehun feels the snowflakes hit his cheeks. He watches as they start coming down and disappearing into the ground. Luhan holds his hand out and Sehun tilts his head, looking up at the sky. Snowflakes slide between Luhan’s fingers, some landing and others completely missing. Sehun’s eyes squint as snowflakes land in or near them. He lets out a sigh before pushing himself up, holding his boot to his side.

“Let us go inside. We do not want to catch colds.”

Sehun does not sleep. He stays alert and quiet as Luhan sleeps next to him. They’re both in Luhan’s room. Sehun keeps his eyes at the door most of the time and his sword is to his side. He’s positive that there’s no one left in or around the castle but it’s a measure he has to take.

A doctor comes to the palace days later thanks to Luhan writing them and letting them know of Sehun’s injury. Sehun’s put on rest for the next three months until his ankle heals. His cuts are tended to rather painfully. The one on his side gets washed with a soap to help the infection go away. He’s got bandages wrapped around most of his body and a too tight cast on his ankle. He’s given a pair of crutches to help him walk around when he needed to get up for the important things.

The first time Sehun tries the crutches to go to the bathroom, Luhan can’t help but laugh. They’re terrible wooden sticks that dig into his arms uncomfortably. They’re wobbly and Sehun has to pull out a few splinters when he gets back into bed.

Luhan is the one to take care of him. They have simple meals like rice and chicken or sometimes rabbit. Luhan is the one to help him wash and help him get up and lay down. Sehun is thankful and expresses it every chance he can get. Luhan always smiles and shakes his head, saying that he doesn’t have to thank him. ‘You have done this all my life. It is not a chore for me. I enjoy it as you did.’

It doesn’t take long for the country to find out what happened. Luhan gets letters in the mail asking if the Emperor and Empress are really dead. He’s asked to make an appearance to address the tragedy.

“I do not know what to do,” he admits one night, head in his hands. “They will ask how it happened. They will ask what I will do.” Luhan sucks in a breath, gripping his hair. “Sehun, I am now the Emperor.” There’s a whine that comes from his lips as his head tilts up and his eyes meet Sehun’s. “I am not ready. I do not know how to run a country.”

Sehun laughs softly, his arm wrapping around Luhan’s side and pulls him close. “Then do not go. Wait until you have answers.” He smiles, pressing a kiss to Luhan’s cheek. “I will try and help you figure out a plan.”

There are many nights where Luhan wakes in the middle of the night. He presses against Sehun and kisses his cheek until he wakes up. Luhan will look at him with sad eyes and his hand resting on Sehun’s chest. He whispers how sorry he is for the way he treated him. How sorry he is for pushing him aside when he really loved him. How much he had hurt Sehun and how he will never forgive himself.

Sehun always shakes his head. He always whispers back that it doesn’t matter now. He doesn’t care about the past and how they should just focus on the future. Sehun has forgiven Luhan. He tells him that it was not right to let their relationship go to where it did. Luhan looks at him with sad eyes until Sehun’s cups his cheeks.

“I do not regret it. I would do it over a thousand times if it meant having you as mine again, even for a short time.”

Luhan tilts his head, hands pressing against Sehun’s. “I am still in love with you, Sehun. Very much so.”

Sehun feels his cheeks heat up and his throat tighten. Even when they were together those months ago, every time Luhan would tell him he loved him, he would have the same reaction, no matter how many times he said it.

“I understand this will be too much to request but,” Luhan pauses as he pushes his fingers through Sehun’s. “You are all I have left and I would enjoy it very much if you were to help me with my reign.”

“Of course,” he breathes out, lips curling into a smile. “I have dedicated my life to you as your guardian and I did not intend to change it.”

Luhan laughs, shaking his head quickly as he slides onto Sehun’s lap, careful not to press against his cuts too much. “No, silly. I would like you to be with me,” he says as he grips Sehun’s hand. “Be the other Emperor.”
Sehun parts his lips to protest but Luhan kisses him before he can say anything. He looks at him as their foreheads press together and their eyes meet. “I do not want to hear any excuses,” Luhan says firmly. “You are worthy, perhaps even more than I, to run this country.”

Luhan stares at him. His hands run down Sehun’s chest and he waits quietly. Sehun feels his heart beating too fast and his hands become slightly sweaty. It was the last thing he thought that Luhan would ask him. He has no royal blood. No experience running any kind of thing, really. The country would be outraged about having a previous guardian become a leader. All the negative things run through his mind. Yet there’s a smile on his face as he parts his lips.

“Yes,” he says with a smile, arms wrapping around Luhan. “I will be with you. I will help you run this country.”

Luhan is the one to crown Sehun Emperor. It is done in the throne room with no one but themselves at witnesses. Sehun kneels in front of him with his best outfit on. His cast is still on his leg, not allowing shoes but Luhan doesn’t seem to care. The ceremony is one that only takes seconds. Though it takes much longer as they stop and stare at each other with bright smiles. They whisper how much they love each other and share kisses for several minutes. At one point Sehun gets a little too carried away and finds his hands up Luhan’s shirt and his tongue in his throat. Luhan only laughs and gently pushes him away as he whispers against his lips that they need to finish.

The crown fits well on Sehun’s head. It’s a little too big and a little too heavy but Luhan tells him how good he looks. They share kisses and they let their hands wander too much for where they are. Sehun is the one to grab Luhan’s hand and slowly walk them back to their room. Luhan helps Sehun get on the bed and their eyes meet only shortly before the kissing starts again.

Their hands are gentle and things go slow. Sehun takes the time to run his hands over every inch of Luhan’s chest, his lips doing the same. Luhan arches his back as Sehun flicks his tongue against his nipple, lips curling around it as he sucks gently. Small hands push into Sehun’s hand and they gently set the crown on the nightstand.

As slow as things seem, it doesn’t take long before Sehun pushes into Luhan. His fingers are still slick with lotion and he opts for wrapping his hand around Luhan’s cock to pump it in time with his thrusts. Luhan leans his head back, lips parting and eyes closing as Sehun pushes all the way in.

Sehun starts off slow but it soon turns into quick and powerful thrusts. Luhan’s cheeks turn bright red and his hands run down Sehun’s chest. He whispers out how good it is and how big his cock is. The words only fuel Sehun to thrusts hard, trying to maintain his balance even with his bad ankle. Luhan mumbles over and over again how he love Sehun as he orgasms. Sehun has to hold Luhan’s hips tightly as he reaches his own high at the same time. Luhan’s muscles twitch around him, milking his cock wonderfully.

They continue for several more rounds and by the end, they’re both sweaty and their stomachs and chest are covered with Luhan’s come. Sehun pulls out when Luhan falls asleep on his chest. He pulls the cover over them and kisses Luhan’s forehead as he closes his own eyes.

It’s nights like these that Sehun lets his mind wander. Sometimes it goes onto the negative memories. He often runs his fingers along his scars, remembering the way he’s gotten them. Even now after months have passed, he still experiences nightmares of men attacking him in the middle of the night that leave him in a cold sweat and a quick heartbeat. Other times he thinks about the future. He’ll tilt his head and look at Luhan as he sleeps. His lips curl into a smile, excited that he’s now going to spend the rest of his life with Luhan. He is going to be the one to help Luhan rule the country, something he never could have even thought of.

With the new title came new things. He got royal garments made by the best in the country. He got the crown that he had always dazzled at when he was younger. Sehun had watched his name be engraved in a new throne that was seated next to Luhan’s. The prince still treated him the same. He had always treated him more than his title. Never once did Luhan push him around like a servant or something less than him. Even with the name of Emperor, Luhan still treats him as his best friend.

The country slowly has started to accept Sehun. There had been days where citizens have tried to break through the palace gates and protest him. Days where when he went out with Luhan, they would yell and try to tug Sehun away from him. They were particularly uneasy because he is Korean, much like Jongin and his men. But thanks to Luhan, they’ve started to understand that he’s here to stay and he isn’t causing harm.

It’s April when Luhan peeks his head in the bathroom, early one Wednesday morning.

“Sehunnie,” he says with a smile.

Sehun turns around from fixing his hair in the mirror to see Luhan leaning on the doorframe, hands wrapped around it and body pressed against it. He smiles and laughs, noticing that Luhan is still in his pajamas even though they’ve got an event to be at in less than an hour.

“You have still not dressed?”

Luhan shakes his head, feet bringing him closer to Sehun until he presses his face against his back and his arms around his waist. “I was thinking about something.”

“Oh?” Sehun tilts his head, arm wrapping around Luhan awkwardly as best he can. “I hope it is not something negative.”

“No, no. Nothing like that,” Luhan smiles as he tilts his head, peeking up at Sehun. “I was thinking that, since we have both now settled in as being Emperors, perhaps it is time to take the next step.”

Sehun’s brows furrow and he tugs Luhan so he’s wrapped around his front instead of his back. “What do you mean?”

The color on Luhan’s cheeks turn to a bright pink and Sehun can feel his fingers gripping at his jacket harder than they were earlier. “Well,” he pauses and buries his face against Sehun’s chest. “I was imagining there being a prince or princess for us.”


It takes a minute for Sehun to realize that he actually said it out loud. His cheeks have now become even a darker red than Luhan’s and he’s sure that Luhan can hear his quickened heartbeat. The topic was something that Sehun had thought about quite often, at least recently. Imagining Luhan swollen with their child, or children because of Sehun’s tendency to cum a lot, volume wise. He’s had several dreams where they’ve built a nursery and even one where they’ve been pampering a baby together.

The topic was something Luhan never really wanted to talk about before the tragedy. His parents would always coo and tell him how he would be such a wonderful parent. There were always nights that Luhan would pout and look at Sehun, whispering how birth sounded scary and how he hoped it would never happen. Sehun would always try to hide the blush on his cheeks from his thoughts of Luhan carrying his child, their child.

“We have been with each other our whole lives and at this time I feel like I am truly ready.” Luhan’s voice trails off at the end, his hand running down Sehun’s chest.

Sehun nods, lips curling into a smile. “It does feel right.” He wants to sigh because it means they won’t have to go through the clean up process as they used to do every time they had sex. Luhan would take a large volume of some liquid medicine and Sehun would have to wash him out completely, making sure there was no trace of his cum left. It was always difficult because both of them were too tired and worn out to want to clean up. “Is that why you have not been dressed yet?”

Luhan nods and his lips go into a pout. “I thought I would catch you early enough. I should know that you like to get ready far earlier than needed by now.”

There’s a laugh and Sehun shakes his head. “It is not a problem. I will redress.”

Their hands grip at each other’s and Luhan looks up at Sehun with bright eyes. “Are we truly going to do this? Ah,” he smiles and bites at his bottom lip, “I am very ready to have a child with you, Sehun. You have been nothing but perfect for me my whole life. I believe you will be an exceptional father.”

“As will you,” Sehun says as he cups Luhan’s cheeks and kisses him softly.

Luhan leans his hand into Sehun’s hand. “Should we have a messenger tell everyone that we will be arriving late?”

Sehun laughs, running his hands down Luhan’s back until they reach his thighs. His arms lift him up and Luhan squeals as he wraps his legs around Sehun’s waist. “I do not believe it will take that long to impregnate you, Luhannie.” He sticks his tongue out and Luhan gasps, hitting Sehun on the shoulder the whole walk to the bedroom, shouting about how he hates that nickname and how he isn’t a child anymore.

When Sehun sets Luhan down on the bed. He takes the time to look at him. His hair is full of life and his skin shines brighter than ever. There’s a slight chub to his cheeks that makes Sehun happy and he has a habit of pinching them when he can. Luhan’s nose is still the same as it was when he was little.

Sehun thanks his father in his head. Thanks him for teaching him his morals and teaching him how to live life to the fullest. Without him, he would never be where he is today. He was the sole reason for Sehun becoming a guardian and his father was the reason he gained the confidence to protect the prince even in the darkest of times. He thanks the Emperor and Empress for raising such an exceptional son. Sometimes he wonders if they knew of their relationship. Sehun hopes that if they did, they were positive about it. Even if they did not know, he is sure that they would be happy where the couple is now in life.

“Sehun,” Luhan whispers as he runs his hand down Sehun’s cheek. “Is everything okay? You are crying.”

Sehun blinks, wiping at his cheek and staring at the slight shine the tear left on his palm. He shakes his head, smiling as he presses Luhan’s hand against his cheek more. “I am fine. I am simply happy. Truly happy.”

-there are probably tons of mistakes but i'm very, very happy with how this story came out.
-thank you everyone for being patient~
-also here is the playlist~

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