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i'm feelin' drained (i need love)

selu; nc17; slight gore/mentions of blood

“I need you.”

Sehun breathes out as he slumps against the wall. His hand runs through his hair and his chest rises and falls quicker than normal. His pink lips are dry and he knows there’s blue where they meet. The tips of his fingers are numb and a part of him thinks he’s going to die. His whole body feels as if it’s collapsing in on itself. It isn’t a pleasant feeling and the worst part is, it isn’t the first time this week he’s been like this.

“Right now? I’m in class, Sehun.”

The voice isn’t angry nor does it sound frustrated. It’s generally concerned and there’s even a hint of sadness in his name. He’s more than thankful because he knows it’s been a tough week.

“Please,” he says quietly, fingers shaking as he rubs at his cheek, “as soon as you can.”

Time seems to stop after he hangs up the phone. He knows it should only take fifteen minutes for the door to open. Yet even a single minute seems like an hour. It really feels like the end this time. Perhaps he’s been being too dramatic. He probably really isn’t dying. It’s only been a few days and he’s had feeding everyday like he’s supposed to. Every one of the labeled blood bags is lying dry in the trashcan. But he’s still a baby and nothing really fills him like fresh blood.

He manages to push himself off the floor and make it into the living room of the small apartment. It’s messy and Sehun’s toes step into the small drops of dry blood that dripped from the bag he was sucking on last night. The pillows that were once full of fluffy feathers are now on the ground, rips through them and the feathers all over the couch. Sehun rubs at his forehead at the sight before sinking down into the pile of feathers, blowing at them as they float up into the air.

Sehun likes to think that he really can’t help it. It’s only been a handful of weeks and he’s anything but used to being a vampire. His feeding schedule is much like a newborn and no matter how much blood he drinks, nothing seems to be enough. There’s an incredible amount of nesting that often leaves Sehun with red cheeks of embarrassment. Many nights have been spent down at the V district buying home goods for the little apartment. His senses are out of control as well. He can smell good blood from a mile away, at least he thinks it’s that far. His skin is hypersensitive to the point of even a gentle fingertip against his skin has him gasping and his whole body filled with goosebumps.

The scent of his companion comes before the door opens. Sehun shoots up, legs shaking at the lack of energy. The blood smells like sweet candy, honey, and a hint of strawberries. The smell honestly depends on what he’s been eating that day. When the other consumes sweets, his blood smells more sweet and fruity. The opposite for when he’s been eating savory things. There’s almost always the slightest hint of strawberries though.

“Sehunnie,” the voice says quietly as the door opens. “please let me put my bag down before you come at me.”

There’s laughter and Sehun has to bite his lip and grip the couch to keep himself grounded. “Please, Luhan, I feel like I’m dying.”

Luhan shakes his head as he peeks into the living room. “I’ve only been gone for the weekend and you promised me that you drank like I told you too, so there’s really no way you’re dying.” Luhan gasps and blinks at the array of feathers and the torn pillows on the floor. “And what have you done to our pillows.” He sighs and puffs his cheeks out, “Oh, Sehun.”

Sehun whines as he walks over to Luhan. His legs are still shaking and his throat feels dry. The sweetness radiating off of Luhan is driving him crazy. His fangs are already all the way out and the tips are peeking from the part between his lips.

“You look terrible,” Luhan whispers as Sehun stops in front of him. Smaller hands are cupping his cheeks and thumbs rub at the circles under his eyes. “Did you drink the bags like I told you?”

Sehun nods as his hands slide up Luhan’s sides. His skin feels so soft and he can’t help but lick his lips knowing that there’s hundreds of veins he could drink from. He doesn’t really know what to say. He also doesn’t think he can say anything anymore. The alluring scent of Luhan is getting too much and he knows if he opens his mouth, those fangs are going somewhere.

“Choose where you’d like,” Luhan says quietly, running a hand through Sehun’s hair.

There’s always a feeling of lust and desire whenever Sehun drinks from Luhan. It never mattered the place. Sehun always makes sure to press hard against Luhan. Sometimes it was against the wall, other times against the counter or table. If they were on the couch he would either pull Luhan on his lap or crawl on his. Luhan’s always been one for pain and Sehun was a rough feeder.

Sehun leans forward, arms wrapping around Luhan’s sides, pulling him flush against him. His breath is against Luhan’s cheek and the other tilts his head to the side ever so slightly. White fangs drag down the skin of Luhan’s neck, pushing in ever so slightly. There’s a deep breath and then the fangs push past the skin, deep enough so Sehun’s lips are pressing a kiss. Luhan gasps and Sehun’s hands squeeze at his hips, pulling him against him more.

Fresh human blood is much, much different than bagged blood. Even top quality bagged blood is nowhere near as amazing as blood straight from the source. Sehun’s tried the most expensive bag in the V market and it just tasted as if they added bad sweetener to the bag. Maybe he was being biased. Maybe it’s because Luhan’s blood is the only fresh human blood he’s had.

It’s hard to exactly explain the way Luhan tastes. It’s metallic and salty but there’s the sweetness and delicacy taste as well. Some days Sehun thinks he’s drinking gold; pure, raw, gold. It’s so precious and it lights Sehun up instantly.

“God, Sehun,” Luhan laughs out breathily. He grabs at his shirt and his fingers ball up the fabric, pulling it away from his chest. The hands only stay curled up for a minute before they run up Sehun’s chest and push their way through his locks.

Sehun’s fingers press against Luhan’s back, making his back arch against him. He knows he’s coming close to the amount of blood he can take safely. Luhan’s breathing is labored and the smell of his blood always fades when he gets close to the dangerous point. It’s always the hardest part of feeding. Sehun feels like he could drink for another hour before he’s fully satisfied. He knows Luhan would let him drink until the very, very, last minute. But even though Sehun’s still a baby vampire, he knows the limits, he knows Luhan’s limit.

Luhan’s legs are trembling when Sehun pulls his fangs out. His tongue quickly laps at the wound, wiping away any blood that might pool at the marks. Sehun presses kisses along his neck, lips parted and wet against his skin.

“I missed you,” he says as he pushes his hands up Luhan’s shirt.

“You just saw me this morning, darling.” Luhan says quietly, forehead pressed against Sehun’s shoulder.

“For only a few minutes before you had to go to class.”

There’s a soft whine throughout the sentence that has Luhan laughing. He pulls back, hands sliding to cup Sehun’s cheeks, pinching them slightly. Sehun knows he looks much better than he did. His cheeks are fuller and they don’t feel as cold. He can feel his skin becoming less dry and his hair regaining life.

“You’ve been gone all weekend though. I was so lonely.”

“I know, I know.” Luhan smiles as he pecks Sehun’s lips quickly. “Now that you’re better, let’s clean up this mess.” There’s a poke to his chest and Sehun tilts his head down in mild shame as he smiles.

‘Father says we must do this.’ Is the common words he hears from Luhan. Of course with good meaning. Luhan’s father is a vampire, one of many years. He’s their consultant to most things vampire related because Luhan doesn’t trust the internet. He’s the one they go to when Sehun experiences a new symptom or when something doesn’t seem right. Though, Sehun’s pretty sure Luhan’s talked to his father for hours on end about how to take care of him. With the help of Luhan’s father, Luhan’s been nothing short of amazing. He’s been there for Sehun’s every need and every want, no matter what.

It hasn’t been easy the last few months. Their whole relationship has changed drastically. Sehun thinks it’s his fault, really. If he hadn’t been so stupid and if his friends hadn’t convinced him that everything would be fine if he went down to V market, maybe he’d still be human. It was his one friend, one that isn’t at fault because he genuinely thought everything would be fine, Tao that told him to go. The whole war against humans was a thing of the past. Attacks on humans were nearly unheard of these days. The two kinds had an agreement with one another; a trust.

Sehun doesn’t really remember much of what happened. He remembers the before and the after but not the during. He was with Tao, both of them looking to grab a few things for their homes. Sehun thinks Tao had slipped into a store mindlessly, forgetting to tell Sehun he was leaving him. He doesn’t remember much after that.

Luhan would tell him that the man that sucked him dry was a terrible man, one that had just gotten out of prison for doing the same to another human. He was in blood craze, not having had human blood in nearly a century. ‘The guy wasn’t up to today’s rules and didn’t exactly know about the whole no-touching-humans-thing.’ Luhan would tell him. ‘Not that I in any way find what he did any less horrible. That man should simply be put on stake and left in the sun to rot.’

The first days were the hardest. With no beating heart, a cold body, an overwhelming urge for blood, a million new sensations, and a lot of confusion, Sehun wished that the man had sucked him completely dry rather than almost killing him and turning him. Perhaps it was a revenge type of thing, he thinks occasionally. Sehun was extremely thankful that Luhan was supportive. He’s read many stories about relationships ending because one had been turned into a vampire and he had feared his would be the same. But Luhan was with him every day he was in the hospital. He even offered himself within the first minutes of Sehun waking up, even though the doctors insisted on bagged blood for the beginning hours.

A lot of things changed with the turning. Sehun’s eyes were no longer a dark chocolate brown. Instead, they were a beautiful silver that had some hints of blue. His skin was about the same since he had always been pale. The fangs, of course. Sehun thinks the most difficult thing was knowing that he was a vampire. Knowing that he would feed off of blood and outlive everyone he knew. Knowing that he could no longer go out in the day, well not for an extended period, and would be restricted to the nightlife. A lot of the dreams he envisioned had to fade away because of the restrictions.

Watching Luhan was by far the worst. There were days he would hear Luhan crying in the bathroom when he would go for a shower. Times when they would cuddle on the couch like they used to and Luhan would tear up at the fact that Sehun no longer had a heartbeat to listen to. He would always comment how cold Sehun was and how he missed the warmth that he would always get when they were close. There would be no more walks at the park or days at the beach. They couldn’t go play basketball in the spring or go to the pool in the summer.

Sehun tried his hardest to keep things the same. He slept during the night and was up during the day so they could spend time together. On particularly cloudy days, Sehun would put on his darkest jacket and hat and make his way to the corner store to pick up goodies for Luhan. He would often come home with gentle burns where his clothes didn’t cover but it was worth it to see Luhan’s reaction to the things he bought.

“I’m so afraid you won’t love me anymore.” Sehun would whisper to Luhan when they’re curled up in bed in the morning. “Everything we used to do is ruined. We had so many plans. So many things we wanted to do. Because of me, they’re all ruined.”

“Don’t say those types of things, Sehun.” Luhan would say with sad eyes. “You’ve ruined nothing. This isn’t your fault. I still love you and nothing will ever change that at all. Do you understand me?” Luhan’s hands would cup his cheeks, wiping away the tears that have pooled on the sides of his face. “Your life depends on me. I have chosen to give myself to you, be the person that will keep you alive. I will not let you down, okay?”

Luhan is the one to tug Sehun down on the couch in the living room. He pushes him up against the back as he straddles his waist. “I swear your hormone changes have been affecting mine too.” Luhan whines as he runs his hands through Sehun’s hair.

Sehun grins, fingers tapping at Luhan’s thighs before making their way to his ass, squeezing tightly and pulling his hips closer to him. “I think it’s just because I’m hotter. You gotta admit, I look a lot sexier.”

“And you started working out,” Luhan groans, hands running along Sehun’s arms. “It didn’t take you long at all to get muscles.”

There’s a smirk on Sehun’s face as he pushes his hands in Luhan’s sweatpants, hands squeezing and spreading Luhan’s cheeks. They kiss and it’s sloppy and wet and Luhan’s tongue is more than eager to get into Sehun’s mouth. Their hips meet and Sehun’s lips part to moan against Luhan’s lips.

It’s true that Sehun’s hormones have been all over the place lately. Mostly in the sexual desire section. He’s been a hell of a lot hornier than usual, and that’s kind of hard to imagine since Sehun’s always been hypersexual. It definitely didn’t help that his whole body, senses and everything, have been extremely sensitive. It wasn’t hard to get turned on when Luhan was around.

Luhan’s hands tug off Sehun’s shirt. Small groans come from the back of his throat as his hands run along Sehun’s chest. There’s still no really noticeable abs but they’re getting there for sure. Sehun tugs Luhan’s sweatpants down enough to make his cock pop out, making the smaller one moan and arch his back. Luhan lifts his hips up enough to take off his pants and unbutton Sehun’s jeans. They come off in seconds and not wearing underwear was the best decision he’s made today.

Their hips are pressed together, cocks flush against one another. Sehun moans out, head leaning back as he bucks his hips up, teeth digging into his bottom lip and fangs peeking out. Luhan’s hand wraps itself around their cocks. It’s not really big enough and he quickly uses his other hand to make up what he can’t cover with one. Luhan’s wrist flick at a good pace. His thumbs rub over the tips of their cocks, making them both shudder and buck their hips.

“I want you so bad,” Luhan breathes out, a moan cutting off the end of his sentence.

Sehun nods, running his hand down Luhan’s side to his ass, making sure to slap his cheek hard a few times. His hands spread them, fingers dancing against his entrance. One pushes in slowly and it makes Luhan gasp. Sehun’s brows furrow. His hands pull away and Luhan parts his lips and looks like he’s going to yell at him. Sehun’s quick though and before Luhan can say anything, he’s pressed face first against the armrest, ass up in the air and legs spread.

There’s lips against Luhan’s hole and it makes him push his ass back against Sehun’s face. Sehun’s sloppy but really, really, fucking good. He sucks hard, tongue occasionally pressing flat against Luhan. His hands are gripping and squeezing at his cheeks, pushing them together against his face. And Luhan almost loses it when Sehun’s fangs graze his entrance.

The smell of Luhan when they get like this is amazing. He’s much more musky, more needy smelling. There’s a heavy scent of something savory and more times than not, Sehun ends up sinking his fangs into a random place. It’s never really to feed, maybe a little, but most of the time it’s too feel the pulse of his heart against his lips and fangs. To feel the rush of blood against the tips. There was something so satisfying about the feeling that brought a whole new kind of pleasure.

Two fingers go in quickly thanks to the amount of spit Sehun’s used. His lips kiss their way up Luhan’s thigh, biting down on his ass gently. His index finger and pinky are pressed against the underside of those cheeks, making them wiggle as Sehun thrusts and curls his fingers inside of Luhan. The other has his face buried against the armrest, hands gripping and tugging at the fabric.

“Oh, Sehun, please,” Luhan whines out. “Please I really need you to fuck me.”

Sehun watches the way Luhan’s hole quivers against his fingers. He smirks, free hand pumping at his cock. There’s a pool of precum that’s leaking from his cock. It slides down his fingers and hits the fabric of the couch. It’s not nearly as much as the pool beneath Luhan’s cock though. The other is blissed out and the grin on Sehun’s lips won’t leave. He earns a loud whine from Luhan when he pulls out his fingers. The same fingers wet his cock and they line it up with Luhan’s hole. There’s a fair amount of resistance since Sehun’s a good couple sizes bigger, both length and girth, than two of his fingers. But then again, Luhan loves that kind of pain. The raw kind.

It’s a rough pace and Sehun maybe grips Luhan’s hips a little too tightly. His knuckles go white in a matter of seconds and Luhan gently whines something out about it being too tight around his hips. The new strength is something that Sehun’s still not used to, something that came with being a vampire. The hands move from his waist to his shoulders. One hand slips into his hair, tugging on it gently as his hips move quickly. Luhan leans his head back, mouth open and eyes shut from bliss. It’s a beautiful sight and it makes Sehun ram into him even faster.

There’s not much sound other than skin slapping and moans. Occasionally they whisper to each other words of encouragement. Harder, faster, fuck so good, just like that. Sehun presses wet kisses along Luhan’s shoulders as he goes into pre-orgasm rut, something that has come with all the other new vampire things. His cock presses all the way in, up to the hilt, with each thrust. Luhan’s already cum once, white splatters now drying all over the couch and Luhan’s stomach.

Sehun sinks his teeth into Luhan’s neck, burying his face against the boy as he cums. It’s long and hard and Sehun knows there’s already cum leaking out of Luhan before he finishes. One, two more pulses before Sehun groans out, cock still throbbing. His fangs dig deeper into Luhan’s neck, making the other moan loudly. There’s quivering around his cock and when Luhan’s back arches up against him, he knows he’s cum again.

They lay quietly together. Sehun’s pulled his fangs out and lapped up the wound to stop it from bleeding. Their bodies aren’t one anymore but they’re pressed against each other as much as they can be. Luhan’s hand is on his arm, fingers curled around the new muscles. His cheek is pressed up against Sehun’s chest, hopeful for the heartbeat that isn’t there.

“I want to go out,” Sehun says Saturday morning.

Luhan looks at him with raised eyebrows as he takes the first sip of his coffee. “Out where?”

Sehun shrugs, chin resting on the back of the couch. “Anywhere. I just want to go out somewhere with you.”

“Well we have plenty of time to decide. It’s only eight.” Luhan smiles at him, hands curling around his mug.

Sehun shakes his head quickly, tongue darting out to lick at his lips. “No,” he says with a pout, “I wanna go out now. Like when the sun is still up.”

Luhan’s response is nothing short of expected. He laughs and takes another sip of his coffee before shaking his head. “Sehun don’t be silly.”

The taller one pushes himself off of the couch. His hands tug his shirt down and then one runs through his hair as he walks over to Luhan. There’s still a pout on his lips when he wraps his arms around the other, pulling him closer.

“I want to though. I want,” Sehun pauses and his hands grip at Luhan’s shirt. “I want to go on a date. Like we used to.” The last part comes out as a whisper and Sehun can see the sadness in Luhan’s eyes. He runs his hands up to cup at Luhan’s cheeks. His lips press against his and their heads tilt slowly. “I bought this sunscreen and I’ll wear good clothes and even a hat,” he says quietly. “Please.”

Luhan nods his head slowly, brows furrowed and worry on his face. It’s enough for Sehun and he smiles, pecking Luhan’s lips quickly with several kisses.

It doesn’t take long for Sehun to get ready. He’s already put his clothes out when Luhan was in the shower. It’s tight white pants, he was going to go for leather but black colors eat the sun up. His top is a light blue v-neck and a cream colored cardigan on top. The vampire sunscreen feels much like normal sunscreen. It has a bit of a rougher smell, kind of like wood. It makes his skin feel a little sticky and tight but it doesn’t even matter because he’s finally getting to go outside and see the sun after weeks of darkness. With his hat on and all patches of skin covered up, Sehun slides out into the living room, almost falling because of his socks.

Luhan’s dressed the same, a habit of his is getting dressed for the day even if they’re staying inside. There’s a bright smile on his face and Sehun can tell he’s trying not to laugh at the fact he almost fell.

“Are you ready?” Luhan says with a smile, rinsing his mug in the sink before setting it down.

Sehun nods, walking up behind Luhan and wrapping his arms around him, cheek resting on his shoulder. “So ready.”

They put their shoes on and Luhan opens the door. Sehun has to take a moment because he’s almost forgotten what the world looks like. They live on the outskirts of the city on the sixth floor of a gray apartment building. There’s one across the street that blocks the view of anything else but it makes Sehun so happy to see it. It’s not the same as looking at it through the window at night.

The smell of day is so invigorating. He takes several breaths in before letting them out slowly. The small bit of sun that hits his cheeks makes him shiver and he can’t help the grin on his face. He can hear birds chirping and hear the whiz of cars going down the street. Luhan chuckles to the side, hand rubbing at Sehun’s side.

“Where did you want to go?”

Sehun tilts his head, eyes meeting Luhan’s. “I was thinking to the park. Maybe we can get ice cream after. Or even going to the pond to feed the ducks. Just like we used to last spring!”

Luhan smiles and grabs Sehun’s hand, walking him down the outside hallway of their apartment building.

They do everything they can while the sun is out. They go to the park and Sehun lays in the grass, eyes closed and body soaking in the sun. Luhan sits next to him wearily, hands hovering over Sehun’s face, worried that the sun will burn it. They race around the track, Luhan wins and Sehun demands a kiss and ice cream for losing.

“I don’t know why I didn’t get sunscreen before,” Sehun says as he licks his lips free of ice cream. “This is amazing. Now we can go out like we used to! Think of all the things we could do!”

Luhan laughs, grabbing the napkin on his lap to wipe at the corner of Sehun’s lips. “Because that sunscreen is expensive and very popular. You were lucky to find it, you know.” He sighs, fingers gripping at his own ice cream cone. “You won't be buying it all the time. We don’t have the money.”

Sehun tilts his head, nodding as he bites his lip. “What about I use it once a month,” he says with a smile. “One day out of every month, we can go out on a date like this.” There’s a gentle blush on his cheeks and he can’t help but look down. “The bottle I bought should last a few more times so it’ll be a while before I need more.” His head tilts and his eyes meet with Luhan’s.

“I would like that a lot,” Luhan says quietly with a smile. “I hate that we have to be bound to night.”

Sehun stays quiet for a few minutes. He curls his fingers around the ice cream cone and his foot taps gently against the sidewalk. Waves of regret hit him like a stormy night. It doesn’t take long before Luhan wraps his arm around him, hand rubbing his side.

“Don’t blame yourself, please, Sehun.” He says quietly. “It wasn’t your fault and it still isn’t your fault. It just happened and there’s nothing we can do about it now.” There’s a gentle kiss pressed to Sehun’s cheek and Luhan’s hand rubs at his back. “Even with the new restrictions, it doesn’t change anything. We have things, like this sunscreen, to help us get back to normal, even if normal is once a month. I think that’s a lot more special than going out everyday.” Luhan’s finger pokes at Sehun’s nose gently, making them both laugh.

They finish their ice cream and Sehun suggests walking along the main shopping street. Their wrists become full of bags and pockets drain of spending money. They have to stop halfway through walking home for Sehun to feed. His legs have become weak and the lightheadedness has kicked in. It’s not as sneaky as they want it to be. Luhan’s pulled Sehun into a corner between buildings that is still fairly lit.

Fangs are pressed against Luhan’s wrist this time. It’s much less obvious and it’s easier for both of them. The feeling of blood pressing against his fangs already has him feeling better. The first taste makes him feel like he woke up from the best nights sleep. After a minute, his legs feel better and there’s no dizziness anymore. Another minute and he feels his skin plumping up and his strength coming back. It’s a short feed but it’s enough to make him feel all better.

“Good?” Luhan says breathily as Sehun licks at the fang marks.

Sehun nods his head, kissing along Luhan’s wrist before pecking his lips. “Amazing, thank you.”

The both of them are rather quiet the rest of the way home. Luhan mentions how he can’t wait to lay on the couch and cuddle. Maybe watch a movie or play video games. Sehun agrees, adding that they could take a bath together so he can rid his skin of the now gross sunscreen.

Most of the time he thinks about how grateful he is that he has Luhan. How it’s somewhat amazing to have someone as accepting as him. He’s the one keeping him alive everyday. Sure bagged blood and pills can keep him physically alive but mentally, no. Feeding hasn’t ever been a hassle. Luhan’s never complained. Never once told him it wasn’t a good time or if he could wait for later. He’s left his life in the hands of a vampire, one that could easily suck him dry if he was thirsty enough. Then again, Sehun’s left his life in Luhan’s hands as well.

Sehun slumps on the couch after taking his shoes off. Luhan follows shortly after, body sliding on top of Sehun’s with a grin on his lips. “Thank you for doing this. It was really amazing.” There’s a few kisses and Sehun’s arms wrap around Luhan’s body, pulling him tightly against his own body.

“Of course,” Sehun says with a smile, hands rubbing up and down Luhan’s back. “I know you’ve been sad about not being able to go out with me during the day.” His finger pokes Luhan’s forehead and Sehun laughs when Luhan puffs his cheeks out.

“Oh hush,” he says as he rolls his eyes. “Next time we go out, I think we should go to the movies.”

Sehun scrunches his nose up and tilts his head. “But we can go to the movies anytime! We need to go do things we can only do in the day!”

Luhan grins, “would you rather make out and maybe, possibly, probably, have sex in the park or in a well-lit place?”

The light color on Sehun’s face disappears and he knows it’s traveling straight down to his dick. Luhan has the biggest grin on his face and he starts gasping for air when Sehun tickles his sides. “You are so naughty,” Sehun says as Luhan squirms on top of him.

They laugh and their bodies intertwine for a while. Hands are pressed against each other and lips occasionally meet. Sehun feeds again, fangs pressed against Luhan’s neck. It’s a longer feed and a deeper one. His fangs are as far in as they can go. Luhan clings to him tightly, head tilted back and fingers digging into Sehun’s arm. Once it’s over, they both take their time getting a bath ready.

“Are you tired? You’ve been up all day,” Luhan asks as they finish putting their pajamas on.

Sehun shakes his head and laughs. “It’s only just getting dark. I’m fine.”

Luhan smiles, fingers tugging at the curtains along the window in their bedroom. “Do you wanna go look at the stars outside? They look really good.”

The night air is cool and fresh. It’s a little chilly and Luhan quickly runs back into the apartment to grab their small blanket. It’s not ideal, sitting outside in the hallway, but it’s still wonderful. They press against each other to keep warm as they gaze up at the stars.

“What should we do tomorrow?” Sehun says, chin leaning on Luhan’s shoulder.

“Well I have work,” he says with a laugh. “But maybe we can make some breakfast before I go?”

Sehun nods quickly with a smile. “Rice and maybe salmon?”

Luhan’s eyebrow raises and he licks at his lips. “Do you know how to cook salmon?” Luhan waits until Sehun shakes his head before bursting out into laughter. “It’s okay. We can try together.” Luhan smiles, wrapping his arm around Sehun’s waist. “If we burn down half the apartment we can go get pancakes down the street.”

Sehun laughs, leaning his head back as he nods in agreement. “Only if we can have them with chocolate chips and whipped cream.”

There’s a pause before Luhan lifts up his hand, pinky wiggling at him. “Deal mister sweet tooth.”

They both smile as their pinkies hook around each other. Sehun leans forward and kisses Luhan gently, smiling at the feeling.

-not really sure what this is; trying something more lighthearted

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